Here you will find information about us.

About company

Good time of day! If you are reading this, then most likely you are interested in our store (and we are happy about it :) If this is so, and you are here, then you want to know more about us? Then what we wrote below is definitely for you. Our main motto was and remains - DYT for people, not for profit. (After all, the more satisfied people, the more income) So we focus on that.

Our general situation is:

We have been providing the necessary and relevant services to players for over 3 years. During our work, we have formed a coherent and efficient team that knows how to boost your account or character quickly and efficiently. We work 24/7 365 days a year! Operators are available 24 hours a day and will help on any issue! We work fast! We deliver gold and boosting accounts on time! Promptly accept the order and immediately proceed to the execution of the work.

Who can make profit

Sites and portals especially with the active work with banners. Youtube and peoples with their own channels on Youtube and other video hosting sites that make interesting content. Streamers with their audience. Players who recommend our site to their friends and acquaintances. To get started, you need to unsubscribe to about the desire to work. For all questions related to obtaining links and placing our promotional materials on your sites, please contact us by mail at

In order to work with us, you need to send a request with your data. The order is as follows:

Send the completed request to the mail - in the subject line of the message “On work (specify the game)”. Application form: Your name + game nickname Indicate your capabilities in the game. Complete your application with screenshots, links to the game account. Specify everything you can to help us. Your contacts: skype, phone and others. For media workers, indicate your experience with examples. Requirements for all candidates: Availability of skype and contact phone or other contacts to contact you. Decency (not to divert customers from the service) and not to spoil the reputation. Responsibility, diligence and stable communication.

With love and respect, our development team.